Barefoot ultra runner

With a blog post title like that I should see my visitor stats reach triple figures.

Running for long distances with no shoes (as God intended) is the 7th level of consciousness that many dream of. Ultimately no one can attain this as we are all a bit soft.

Some creatures are designed to go for long distances with no shoes (humans and horses are the only ones I can think of who wear shoes).

For anyone who has ever run a very long distance you will realise that there is a check-list of characteristics that make ultra running possible:

  1. Being thin and long limbed will help. A giraffe looks like it could cover more distance than a rhino.
  2. An ability to metabolise body fats as a fuel is useful (think of camels and Dr. Tim Noakes)
  3. Soft padded feet make long distances less painful (think of camel toes (the ones on the camels’ feet and not the ladies in lycra) or running in a pair of hokas)
  4. Being  stupid is very, very helpful.




This is Marvin and he fulfils all four of the key requirements to be a barefoot ultra runner.

He’s the latest addition to our family and arrived via the local rescue centre.

The nice man in the rescue centre described him as a Saluki cross which I think is a very benevolent way of saying mongrel. Marvin is the name he came with so rather than argue about a new name (the front runners were John Joe or Fang).

Not that it makes much difference; the kids like him, he likes them, he likes to chase flies and bumble bees and he makes the first 10 miles or so of a long run (that’s his limit so far) much more fun.

Now, if he’d just stop pulling the arm off of me when we run.


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