100km Del Passatore – short update

Two brothers are told by their parents that they are going to go to the biggest amusement park in Europe. This will be a once in a lifetime event, never to be repeated.

The brothers get their hands on a map of the amusement park and pour over it. One brother makes out an itinerary for their big day with the rides listed with a timetable for which ride to take and when with all sorts of minor details like when and what to have for breakfast, what the queues will be like and alternating fast rides with easier ones. They plan out all the details, the car park, the distance from their hotel. Their parents only wish they were this good at school work. The other brother agrees and takes it all on board, knowing it makes perfect sense to make such plans but deep down in his soul, as he lies awake at night suppressing the butterflies and dreaming of their big day out, he knows that these are just details and they will count for nothing once he’s through the turnstiles.

And so, their big day comes, one brother sticks to his plan and gets to go on every ride in the park and ends his day satisfied with himself, the other one rushes off to all the extreme rides straight away, vomits his breakfast up onto himself, drinks too many slushies (gets a blue tongue), gets sunburnt and misses about half the other rides. He falls asleep in the car on the way home.

Who had the better day?

In life, and in particular ultra running, there are two types of people and this analogy is the best description I can give to explain the difference. I know which type I am (wipes vomit off face……)

The long and the short of it was that I had a calf injury from the 3km in (to be fair, it was pre-existing so I was hardly surprised by this)  and the remainder of the race was a plate spinning exercise between injury, heat, food and tiredness.

With the exception of a few (in hindsight) minor crises I managed to finish in a reasonable time – 12hr 51min by my watch and 12hr 53 by the clock (chip time not through yet).

Race report to follow.

Swollen fingers

Swollen fingers


6 responses to “100km Del Passatore – short update

  1. ThomasBubendorfer


    Told ya you’d get through it [because I knew you’d be stupid enough to run for 97 km with a calf injury. A man of my own heart 🙂 ]

  2. My dad always told me that there are two ways of doing things, the easy way and the hard way – obviously I must have always chosen the hard way or he’d never have given me the advice. What provides the most motivation are the lessons we learn doing things the hard way. Well done, I knew you’d be stubborn enough to complete it no matter what was thrown at you – although i’d bet that if you got a calf injury 3k into a 5k race, you’d throw in the towel. I would.

  3. Sounds like hell …. can’t wait for the extended report!

  4. Sounds dramatic and a report well worth waiting for….. Well done and make sure to use a good wet facecloth 🙂

  5. I think the first brother would have had the better day. But I hate the smell of vomit.

  6. Major congrats!! It’s an incredible achievement, you must be rightly proud.

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