I’m back from hoildays and I can sense a month of medium-long runs coming on. Sort of 8 – 16 milers for the fun of it every second day so that before you know it fittness and long runs are sitting there looking up at you, tongue out, like a dog after a long walk looking for a new adventure.

The holiday was (I promise I won’t bore you to death on this one) excellent. It was full of nothing and everything like a holiday should be. The sort of break where you sepnd all day doing nothing and are happier for it. The sort of holiday where you find yourself queuing for the water slide at 8.00pm on a Thursday evening with humans from 5 to 50 and everyone’s having fun. The dissolution of all boundaries. No dads, no mums, no kids, no nationalities, just people having fun. Kind of like an ultra marathon without the black toenails and nagging feeling that you might be mentally ill.

I was going to post a picture of me in full flight on the water slide but it was at a stage in the holiday where I was enjoying wearing the budgie smuggler swimming togs a bit too much – You’ve seen the sort of person who seems to have forgotten part of their wardrobe – they’re wearing a polo shirt, underpants and shoes – not good for ayone.

Enjoy your summer!

Say cheese

Say cheese


2 responses to “Dissolution

  1. Looks like you missed the rain! I’ve been sepnding my time counting down the days until spring. Running on 5C days is getting old.

  2. The best kind of fun

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