Endurance, that’s what its all about. Long and slow  The longer and slower it is the more satisfaction you derive from it. Often, when you’re in the middle of it, it seems all tricky and difficult – all sweaty bodies and aches in the places where you used to play-  but as you pull hard on the metaphorical post-coitial cigarette of achievement you realise that it was great. Even though your significant other may look at you with an expression of puzzled derision on their face you know you’re a star. Soon they’ll come looking for you. Your talent deserves a wider audience. This is running I’m talking about and not making love to a beautiful woman as Swiss Toni would say.

It also applies to blogging.

This is post number 400  for this blog and while my running may be something that brings pleasure only to me, judging by the stats counter for this blog I am delivering a generous slice of pleasure to at least 25 other people on most working days when people are stuck at their desks with nothing to do.

It has taken me just under 5 years to notch up this milestone and, judging by the significant fade you see in most participants in ultra events, it’ll take much longer to reach 800 posts.

Still, in our instant-results-famous-for-15-minutes society it’s good to know that persistence and endurance pay off.

The running’s going great guns at the moment, 10 milers every second day, up and down hills, having fun, running on nothing but water, sweating buckets, no injuries. No sooner will I have confirmed this happiness than I’ll do something stupid like enter a race and ruin it all. But, if you don’t make mistakes you don’t make anything.

We went camping with the family (my brother and sisters, spouses, kids) over the weekend which was, like most Irish camping trip good in the sun and bad in the rain.

Rabbit ears

Rabbit ears



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