Escaping Rope

For the second half of our heritage day here in Cork last Saturday  we took the easy option and took a tour of the Irish Naval Vessel the LÉ Aoife (LÉ stands for Long Éireannach and means Irish Ship for all the non-natives reading this).

Is it heritage?

Well, judging by the age of the vessel it soon would be. It was laid down in 1978 and has been in active service since 1979. It has the sturdy build quality that started to go out of fashion as our disposable society started in earnest in the early 1980’s. Two screws instead of one.

The nice thing about these boats is they’re all named after characters from Irish mythology. Aoife was the step-mother of the Children of Lir for those of you wondering.

Wikipedia is as good a place as any to read up on these things if you’ve the curiosity to drag you over there.

When you’re 14 the idea of 20mm cannons is enough to get you dreaming of a life of Rum, Sodomy and the Lash. when you have a 6 year old moaning and hanging off your arm it’s less enticing.

But the regimented routine that ships life brings is always interesting to us land lubbers.

I read something over the weekend about photography that said that  looking through a camera view finder  was the best way of being able to look at the world without needing a camera. I suppose it has something to do with being able to see everyday objects out of context and seeing how they might mean something else with a little sprinkle of imagination.

Off to get some shade

Off to get some shade

Look at the rope. While no one was looking it decided it had had enough of being coiled up in the hot sun and had just decided to head off to look for some shade.

Running is still fine although 10 miles yesterday in the rain has left me with very tender nipples – might try some cabbage leaves…..


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