A Green Christmas

I normally mull over my blog posts for a few days or weeks (I know, I hide that well in the finished product) before I start the one fingered tapping that produces this distraction.

This evening I’m in the post  run phase of starvation that makes your stomach wonder what it did to offend you before my dinner this evening and I have a few jobs to finish off before the wheel of drudgery starts another revolution on Monday. One of these jobs is  to take a photograph of something that was:

a. Irish

b. Christmasy

This is for my sister in the US (Kindergarten project).

Apart from the obvious problem of there being no shamrocks on our tree most years and a photograph of a bottle of Jameson Whiskey being slightly age inappropriate the main problem is that I’m vaguely traditional and don’t put up the decorations until Christmas is within sight and immediately after Halloween, or even early December don’t count as within sight. If long distance running (or all day drinking) has taught me anything it’s to let the rope out slowly. All these shiny light merchants in late November are like the teenager dancing on the tables at 8:30 and asleep in the corner at 10:30 when the hot girls turn up in the pub.

So, what to do? Lucky for my sister I have an inherent lazy streak and my outdoor lights effort from last year (and the year before and the year before) is still in place so apart from plugging them in it was a straightforward job.

And the house looks better at night  – like so many of us – daylight is less flattering once you crest the hill.

Shadows are your friend, adding allure and covering mistakes.

It's beginning to feel a lot like.....

It’s beginning to feel a lot like…..


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