In my mental review of what I did and didn’t do last year for the ultra marathon in May I never remember consciously registering for it nor  completing anything like my version of a training plan (which makes half arsed seem to at least one arse cheek too many). I know I was deeply committed to the race for a long while before this but that had the effect of me sleep walking into the event. I ended up at the starting line like a man who had gone along with things and was now in over his head. The shambolic last third of the race was a testament to the somnambulism.

This year I’m more committed to the completion of the whole thing with some of my dignity in tact. That means paying a bit more attention and not relying on it being al-right on the night.

So far I’ve ordered a new pair of ultra shoes which I suspect will be fine in the cushioning department but will be as narrow as a pair of adidas shoes – they only fit if you’ve come through several years of foot binding. If these do fit in the width department then some steep hill descents should be on the cards and this in turn should help with the 48 – 65km down hill that shredded me last year.

I’ve also actually entered the race.

I missed the early bird offer but the race more than passes the €1.00/km test at the normal price so it’s not a big hardship. You also get fed like a lord (if lords like bread and nutella) and you get a shiny medal, a finisher’s tee, a cert for the office wall and 3 bottles of grog.

The running is going fine with 2 hour runs now the norm.

I’ll build this slowly over the next few months with the twin objectives of injury prevention and steady nutrition being more important than pace.

Now I just need to think about running gear, some upper body core strength, hydration equipment (that’s what we call a water bottle in the world of running), getting there, renting a car, accommodation and getting back.


Easy peasy!


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