Busy week(s)

The high point of last week was winning a spot prize 50m hozelock garden hose and trolley at the kids’ school table quiz.

Just think about that for a while and consider how I have (depending on how you view things) fully embraced my middle years and have learned to enjoy life or become a sad bastard.

We came 4th in the quiz itself – we lost the tie-breaker for 3rd place by not knowing who married Beatrice ffrench-Salkeld in 1954.

On the running front I had a fully fasted 23 mile run the morning after the garden hose victory which started out shaky for the first 5 miles and then settled down. I made it to mile 20 before having a bottle of water and then made it back home in decent shape.

I’m in Brussels at the moment and had a decent enough 14 miler yesterday evening that was run in a long sleeve top in 20C heat and without any food. This (like the hose reel example) made me look like a man working on a carb depleted heat adaptation strategy or a slow middle aged man trying to kill himself.

Apart from that (on the running front) I am starting to worry that I’m making the same schoolboy error I make every year and wear out my training shoes and then end up trying to break in a new pair at the last minute.

I’ve just had a look at my work calendar for the next few weeks and (again, thinking about the hose reel example) means that I’ll have plenty of time to fit mid-week long runs in as I’ll be away most of the time or I’ve run my last long run as I won’t be allowed out the door in running shoes on weekend between now and the end of May as my significant other will ground me.


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