Short Update

The hiatus here hasn’t been for any catastrophic running or life changing reason (like dropping dead during an ultra marathon) but only because the number of plates I’ve had to spin in the last month makes me fit to qualify as a circus performer. (I’d like to think ringmaster but I suspect clown is what you’re thinking).

I have a half formed race report in the drafts folder of this blog that I am working on getting finished but if you can’t wait for that the race goes like this:

Running 100km fat adapted is possible and the final 50km are very comfortable with no muscular fatigue or gastric distress (i.e. I felt good for the last 50km). That said, an ultra-marathon in the Italian heat and the festive atmosphere of 2,500 fools that speak no English can make the first 50km quite stressful (i.e. I didn’t feel good for the first 50km)

I finished about 47 mins faster than last year so that was a “job done” but the stress of the first 50km meant that I didn’t have the euphoria that normally comes with completion.

The fitness paid off with the improved time meaning that I achieved a top 20% finish (still in the 400-500th placed)

Recovery was rapid with a few days of DOMS (sore legs) and then I was fine. I still have plenty of the fitness left over from the training cycle but as my holidays are looming I don’t know what to do with it.

If I could wrangle a mid-distance ultra in September from my wife I could close the year happy but that involves a commitment to a short training cycle which means avoiding booze and swapping food for magic coffee over the summer – neither normal nor social.

More later


One response to “Short Update

  1. Well done Richard. Go the coffee.

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