Busy life but running well

I have a full colour blog post in development about the pros and cons of romanticism as mediated through the lens of family holidays (i.e. the next instalment of our rail travels) but it’s taking me a long tome to finish it off.

This is down to the fact that I’m trying to write the post during my lunch breaks and the broadband to my office is about as broad as a country boreen so the technicolour element of the posts is progressing slowly.

I’m writing the blog post in my lunch break because I’m busy busting the lazy tabloid stereotype of languorous public sector employees by working all the hours God gives including evenings and weekends. My spare time is then given over to either running, walking the dog or generally wondering why wives “suggest” domestic tasks for husbands as oppose to “telling” them to do something. I mean which works for you: I think the grass is very long…..(long pause) or the grass needs a cut…….(long pause) or (the best for me) cut the grass!

So, that’s the busy life bit.

The running has been trimmed back to 36-40 miles per week and I think I’m better for it. I don’t have a long ultra in me at the moment but a 30 miler or a marathon are completely within reach. My 10k runs are coming out at about 7:15 – 7:20min/mile which, for someone with no club structure to focus on tempo runs, a tendency to being a bit lazy (i.e. 20 slow miles are better than 10 fast ones) and no target race, is pretty satisfying.

So, next post will either be another excuse or a chirpy blog about trains with lots of photographs of cranky kids giving you a creeping feeling of cognitive dissonance.


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