Lazy Lump

I have become so laid back in my approach to marathons I’ve forgotten to run any.

I have managed to miss the entry for every “easy jog” marathon I had planned to enter since September. The entry date, actual date and finally the events themselves have whistled past me. The last one I could have entered will be taking place tomorrow morning (Clonakilty).

Am I worried? No, not really. I’m a bit annoyed as it always feels good to cross a finishing line towards the end of the year. It tends to draw a line under your efforts and sets you up for next year.

Despite this laziness I have managed to keep to my 18-20 mile long run every weekend and give or take one or two hiccups (a chest infection, a few heavy nights of liquid carbo loading) it hasn’t taken that much out of me.

A rule of thumb that your training is going well (mine isn’t but nonetheless) is that you look forward to the weekend long run. The chance to “just run” without having to worry about pace means that your system is coping with the load – mentally as well as physically.

I am still in the phase of looking forward to my long runs so at least my goldfish sized attention span or inability to stay injury free haven’t shanghai-ed  me.

I was in Luxembourg recently (hills and money) and came across a few nice old cars while out for a chilly morning run. Luxembourg is the sort of place where the car dealership next to the VW dealership is the Bentley one as opposed to Skoda one. These cars were a relief.

A Renault 30, a supermirafiori and a Volvo 164

A Renault 30, a Supermirafiori and a Volvo 164. And a van

Euro versions of the two door whore

Euro versions of the two door whore


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