Evenly dividable by five

My lack of posting here is due to the fact that my work commitments have seen me question whether I have been mistaken for a junior doctor. I spent three days at my desk during January and spent most of my time in a state of perpetual exhaustion and wondering how long the news loop is on the hotel BBC News 24 channel.

I am back at my desk for a few days now and I can flitter away my lunch breaks with blog updates.

Before I get to the meat and two veg of this post a word on blogs:

We have had a new organisational website launched upon us that is supposed to make us better team players. I’m not sure how it’s going- a colleague has a profile picture of himself looking like an extra from “Anchorman”.  The new website has a section for each of us to start a blog so others can see how useful our work is……………….. its still empty. I was going to put in a blog entry last week and then I thought about this blog. I don’t want them realising that they’ve promoted the wrong guy!

Last week I had a significant birthday (evenly dividable by the number five) and the first month of the year ended with no races on the horizon and a bit of a slip in my running commitment. I redoubled my efforts on my birthday by lashing out a 20 miler and deciding that I’d better do something with the first half of the year. This resolve coincided with an email for a race I entered last year -the Roundwood 50km. It’s held at the end of March and there’s the option to upgrade to the 50 mile  (or 100 mile) race as well. The race is held on a 10 mile loop so the loop is long enough to feel a sense of accomplishment without feeling daunting.  I’ve found that some of the training marathons can be run with a bit too much commitment (i.e. too fast) and this can lead to some niggling injuries. 50k seems to be a distance that can put some manners on your pacing.

Apart from that I think I’ll focus my efforts at home this year. I do a lot of overseas travel for work and more of it for running doesn’t really appeal to me.

There are some other races that I’d like to enter (the Tralee 100k looks good) but I also enjoy my holidays so I will only enter what fits into my life. My main plan is to enter a few long races, enjoy them, stay fit and injury free. That sounds like a simple plan but I have a tendency to over commit on occasion.





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