C’était un rendez-vous

The running:

There’s been a worrying development in my running which I’m putting down to the the  rising tide of middle age. Slowing down? creaky joints? bien sur but that’s not the development. No, I’ve taken to waking at 05:30 to go running. I, who love my bed nearly as much as I love my wife, children, dog and red wine am lost as to what has happened.

This is a Bubendorfic development of worrying proportions.

Apart from that, all is well and I’m due to start a long picnic on Sunday week (7th August) with the 100km Tralee Ultra at 06:00hrs. The first 50k should be fun, the next 25k will be be the slow realisation that I am fitter in my head than in my legs and the last 25k will be me promising myself that I’ll never do this again.

No change there then.

What is the title of the blog about then?

Well, we seem to live in a world of ever spiralling levels of anxiety about the impending demise of our civilisation, the culture of austerity, fear and hatred seems rooted in our consciousness. Things have never been worse, the existential gloom rules our heads.

Horseshit. We’re just not that good as a species at holding in our farts.

Some of our farts turn up as violence, some as environmental damage and some as poverty. All that’s changed is that we’ve found a way to pipe the smell of our farts up our noses through our smart phones.

40 years ago we lived in a world just as screwed up as this one. Go google the terrorist acts of the 1976. And it was all home grown. RAF, UVF, IRA, ETA, Neo-fascists.

But inside in this maelstrom life was full of the fun and adventures we love.

Take a look at this piece of cinéma-vérité from Claude Lelouch. Filmed at 05:30hrs 40 years ago this August in a single take. The soundtrack is a ferrari but the car doing the filming was a Mercedes 450 6.9l.

I could watch this all day.

The world is a beautiful place in the early dawn.



2 responses to “C’était un rendez-vous

  1. ThomasBubendorfer

  2. Didn’t know that Richard! Saw a higher quality version years ago. Makes sense looking at it now that the soundtrack was dubbed. I vaguely recall that the filming was done without permission and it was the fastest crossing of Paris ever in a car, but maybe that’s just folklore.

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