Ultra recovery

Having finished the Tralee 100km ultra about 3 weeks ago I’m in the middle of the “you know you’re not superman, right?” phase of my recovery.

I’ll up -load a race report in the next week or so but at the moment I’m trying to work out how long it will take me to recover. The way these events go (for me) is that after the first week of physical recovery I catch my second wind and believe that the race took nothing out of me. This is followed by a tempo session (fast running) which is followed soon afterwards by the transport and general workers union in my body going on a work to rule. Dog walking is ok, cycling is tolerated, anything apart from those is a down-tools moment.

So, in order to rebuild industrial relations with my legs I’m in the middle of bilateral negotiations with each leg. The right hamstring is refusing to discuss distances longer than 4 miles, the left hip is ignoring requests from management after 7 miles and to compound this my liver has submitted a formal request for a restoration of it’s full rights and privileges having been put on gardening leave during my training.

So, tight hamstring, tight hip, more wine required, less buttered coffee.

I grabbed a 48 minute PB for 100k though.


2 responses to “Ultra recovery

  1. i saw your time Richard, some distance and some going. Well done.

  2. Don’t go for another 48 minute PB next time old croc.

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