Extracurricular Endurance

After 3 months of being stranded on the mudflats of demotivation and injury recovery my running is back on an upward curve. After a long event my mental motivation goes on a sabbatical and I end up finding very elaborate existential arguments to keep all my runs below 10km (i.e. what’s the f***ing point?) I didn’t mind so much this time as I was working my way through a painful hip – old man hobble sort of thing -.

I am now in the head space where anything below 10 miles seems like a waste and if given the time I would happily run for 3 hours (I’m not given the time obvs).

As I was waiting to have my motivation boat refloated I nipped off to Italy in early October and picked up a 30 year old enduro motorbike.  I drove it 1,400km from Milan to Roscoff in 2 days. The kickstand broke after 200km (hence the “resting against trees” photographs).




What does this two wheeled madness and long distance running have in common? – The essence of endurance – the ability to exist in the immediate moment for a long time and withstand physical discomfort (8 layers of clothing).


plounevez-7-oct-16OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


2 responses to “Extracurricular Endurance

  1. ThomasBubendorfer

    Ahhh – there was your chance. You should have driven it to Beirut, just for the blog’s name sake.

  2. You’re tougher than I am Richard. Think I’d be on a Goldwing if I was doing long distance touring these days.

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