An experiment of one

As I’ve restarted my long runs with some passion I’ve started to notice the people that run in and around my neighbourhood.  On the modest stretch of pavement I run along I’ve realised that many of them are pretty high level performers (apart from my own amazing feats obvs!). In the last few weeks I’ve seen a world champion, an olympian, two national 24 hr champions and an international masters marathon champion.  And they’re just the ones I recognise.

For anyone who isn’t from Cork they might wonder how you could have such an abundance of talent in such a small area and that’s understandable – you’ve not from Cork.

Y’know the slogan on a Coca-Cola bottle “Coke is great”? Well that originally comes from the the slogan “Cork is great”.

I was out for a 2 hour run recently when I took up with some of the local 24 hour elites and while I can hold my own with them for an hour or so anything longer is a bit of a push. One of the things you notice from chatting to elites is that they experience the exact same things as the mortals; the same injuries, the same fears and anxieties during a race; the same food concerns; the same elation.  They also keep it simple. Do what works, don’t get too complicated, stick to your guns.





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