HOKA Clifton 2

I think 2017 is the year of the Clifton 3 but like all long term runners (i.e. Fashion is not a factor when buying) I picked up a few pairs of the Clifton 2’s back in August. 

You can see the difference between the pair I am retiring (throwing out) and pulling out of the box. I think the worms out pair have been on the go since July but August and September were low mileage months.

This model of shoe is pretty minimal and the sole wears out like a kid dragging a block of aero board across a pebble dashed wall. 

I think I’m running on the outside of the midfoot (4th and 5th metatarsals) and the foot strike is much more pronounced on the left foot. 


3 responses to “HOKA Clifton 2

  1. Wow, past their use-by date! I’ve been using shoe gu on my Cliftons. Even the red bits of the sole are terrible. They need black outer rubber like on NB shoes.

    • Hi Ewen, I tried the shoe gu but it didn’t make much difference and I’ve glued it shut! It’s an obvious evolution of the shoe to add some tougher outsold material.

      • It makes a difference to mine. Put it on thinly and leave it a couple of days before using the shoes. I get about a month before needing to redo the process. Had the same problem of gluing the cap on but pliers got it off 🙂

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