Proper Marathon

I have agreed to run a proper marathon next weekend. One with numbers and chip timing and loudspeakers and crowds and a big clock.

Back when it was colder my Brother-in-law suggested we run the marathon together. I wasn’t fast enough with my excuses so here we are.

This is the Cork City Marathon which I last ran in 2010 (I think). I have no great aspirations and hope to have a bit of fun on the day. My training for it was a bit haphazard but I got over the 20 mile mark a few times and still had my sense of humour at the end of those runs.

The upside to this marathon is that it has great crowds and lots of other runners competing in the half-marathon and the marathon relay. The downside is that everyone else is running faster than you.

The weather (by Irish standards) is looking a bit warm for Sunday morning so the best I am hoping for is to work on my tan and that some kid has a garden hose and wants some target practice out around mile 22.

My taper for the marathon is going the way I like it to go – no taper. I tried the 3 week taper with the big carb loading exercise before – all you get is heavy legs and a big belly. For my taper I shorten the mid-week runs to about 10k, keep the weekend long run at 20 miles and deplete my carb stores with fasted running and upping my fat/protein intake (salads, cheese, olives, eggs, nuts, etc).

Not for everyone but it works for me.




One response to “Proper Marathon

  1. Good luck on Sunday – I was told tonight my girls will be giving out water at the 21mile mark … I’ll tell them to bring a hose to beat you with !!

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