I have another post in the works about how people confuse a physical impairment with a mental one but I have to update it (just picture someone speaking slowly to me as I hold crutches in my hands).

Now that I’m off the crutches and the leg brace I need to change it a bit.

The injured side of my leg is now healed (the outside of the femur at the knee) thanks to the miracle cure for my stupidity (crutches and a leg brace).

And that where the good news ends.

Left one is jelly

4 weeks of no knee bending has turned my upper leg muscles into jelly. Me and my leg are like an old married couple at the moment. We know we need each other but the relationship has seen better days and we’re barely talking to each other. I’m walking like John Cleese from the Ministry of Silly Walks.

The muscle/jelly situation has resulted in the front inside of the knee being pretty sore and my impatient approach to recovery (ie waking everyday to the point beyond the pain) isn’t helping.

But there is some recovery. Slow and cautious and the timelines are longer than I’d like. last week I couldn’t walk up or down stairs and I’m fine with that now. But running and hours of kneeling are still off limits. So Jesus will have to trust me when I say I’m on my knees praying.

Still, small pleasures like walking the dog are a treasure.

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