A belated update.

The good news is I’m back running.

It’s been about 2 months since I finished a run and said, my leg is better. Up until that point it was shallow-end-with-arm-bands 1-2km runs.

That was 5 months without running. No easy; especially for my family……


Since then I’ve worked on leg strength, hip flexibility and the killer – aerobic fitness. My offending left leg had lost a considerable amount of muscle mass over the 5 months. Nothing you’d be able to see without looking closely but enough for me to be able to feel the difference.

The root cause of the injury was a combination of stupidity, stupidity and stupidity. If you look at the specific types of stupidity you’ll see that  it was a combination of believing that I had the biomechanics of a Kenyan, was aging in the opposite direction and was ignoring my shoe choices.

My recovery has seen me ignore the snake oil salesmen of the shoe industry and go back to the make and model that allowed me to run injury free for 5 years; learn new ways to stretch my hips that could see me appear in a very niche segment of the adult movie industry and work on regaining my aerobic fitness.

The injury period wasn’t all bad; I rediscovered my love of swimming and had the opportunity to take one of my kids on a cycle trip along the Canal du Midi.


Like Calcifer (see Howl’s Moving Castle), the flame within me to run was never fully extinguished during my forced absence.  I’m in no rush to re-injure myself so I’ll happily continue my recovery, build strength, stretch like Patanjali and start again on my quest to dissolve the ego and discover true meaning.

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