2021 Low carbon

2021 was a below average year for running but an adventure nonetheless.

I managed to convince 3 of the other 4 family members ranging from reluctant daughter, skeptical wife and dreamy son to go on a cycling holiday. The eldest stayed at home to mind the house.

Training involved one 10km cycle. If we could do that 5 times a day for a few weeks we’d make it.

From our front door we pedalled and camped the 600 or so kilometres to La Rochelle in France. Carrying everything we needed on our bikes we cycled through rain, head on winds, hills, sand dunes and scorching sunshine. All in the beautiful French countryside.

Cycling holidays work best when you don’t think too much about the cycling. Cycle as fast as the slowest person; eat when the hungriest wants to; stop when someone is tired. The kilometres look after themselves and around every bend is a new adventure. If you don’t like where you are just keep pedalling – things change pretty quickly.

On this sort of trip you pass and are passed the same people day after day. You become part a small community of people willing to let go of the conventional and embrace the freedom of slow travel.

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