Winter evening. Drinking coffee. 

Long walk with a dog and a podcast

3rd May 1736

Cycling with the kids

HOKA Clifton 2

I think 2017 is the year of the Clifton 3 but like all long term runners (i.e. Fashion is not a factor when buying) I picked up a few pairs of the Clifton 2’s back in August. 

You can see the difference between the pair I am retiring (throwing out) and pulling out of the box. I think the worms out pair have been on the go since July but August and September were low mileage months.

This model of shoe is pretty minimal and the sole wears out like a kid dragging a block of aero board across a pebble dashed wall. 

I think I’m running on the outside of the midfoot (4th and 5th metatarsals) and the foot strike is much more pronounced on the left foot. 

dad-shaped labrador

Any long term readers will have noticed that in the last month or two I’ve chopped in my quill for a paintbrush – i.e. more pictures and less words. To some this will be a blessed relief and to others the sign that long wordy rambling as a way of squandering your time on the internet is coming to an end and we are almost completely into the age of 15 second attention spans (a kind of perversion of the Wharolian dream of universal fame).

There is a simple reason for this: I got a new phone.

The new phone has an up-dated version of the WordPress App that allows you to publish a short picture post as opposed to a sausaged-fingered post you’d normally achieve on a phone.

I know most of the picture posts don’t have any interesting information about how many runs I’ve completed since the last post but you can see that they’re mostly of things that are outside so you can rest assured that I am running.

Santa brought bicycles to the two younger children so I’ve managed to get in loads of running as their running partner on their bike rides. They do a 10km cycle, I drop them off at home and get another 10km in on my own. I’ve managed 70 miles since the 26th December.

This level of running has made me realise that:

  • whats holding you back in achieving your ambitions is your own head (I could’ve been running at this level for the past two months)
  • I need new shoes.




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